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Emsculpt Neo


The EMSCULPT -NEO is a great new technology that can help you to achieve your goals of reduction of inches in the waist and building muscle in that area, all at the same time. Even better, you can achieve this with simple in-office treatments!

The principle here is SUPRA-MAXIMAL CONTRACTION of your muscles, using energy supplied by the EMSCLUPT -NEO. The device causes your abdominal muscles to contract repeatedly and rapidly over a 30-minute treatment. Your muscles will contract 20,000 times in a 30 minute period of time. (If you tried that on your own by doing sit-ups, you would have to workout daily for many hours over several months to achieve that number – IF you could even do it!). And, by the magic of the computer program in the EMSCULPT-NEO, you will not even feel the typical pain and lactic acid build-up that such a workout usually involves.

The first version of the EMSCULPT, (which we used to have here at Jupiter Plastic Surgery Center), would then also lead to a reduction of your fat layer of up to 19% in the treatment area. It did this by providing energy to the muscles that they are helping to build. The whole would occur over the next 2 to 3 months after you had completed your four treatments.

EMSCULPT Neo procedure

But NOW we have the latest and even better version, the EMSCLUPT-NEO. And what a great addition it is to our practice! Because now, you can achieve up to 30% fat reduction plus even more increase and hypertrophy in muscle strength of the abdominal muscles. This translates into up to 3 inches of fat loss in some patients! Compare this to any of the fat reduction devices out there, and you will understand what a great advance this is. The well-known cold fat-freezing technology only reduces up to 21% fat and does absolutely nothing for abdominal strengthening, plus it only works over the limited area of whatever fits into the applicator handpiece. By contrast, the EMSCULPT NEO stimulates all of the muscles of the abdominal wall and its overlying (and even some of the underlying, I think) fat.

The EMSCULPT-NEO add another dimension to the original EMSCULPT by adding a RADIOFREQUENCY treatment into the handpiece. This means that it also delivers RF energy to the fat, causing it to undergo apoptosis (cell death) of the fat cells. The body then carries the byproducts of this process away, thus reducing the fat layer. By up to 30% of the fat! This process takes 1-3 months.

EMSCULPT Neo woman

EMSCULPT treatment of other body areas

In addition to the abdomen, we are also able to treat the buttocks. This creates a very nice lift to the area and a rounding of the overlying fat. The buttock protocol of the device does not remove fat from the buttock, because that is not what is typically desired in this area. Treatment of this area involves four 30 minute sessions.

There are separate applicators for use on the arms, biceps, and triceps. Each muscle area is a 20-minute
treatment on the arms, for a total of 40 minutes. For the calves, it is one 20 minute treatment.
We also treat thighs and can use either the smaller applicators or the larger ones, depending on the
patient and their anatomy.

Multiple areas

If you are interested in going on and having more than one area treated, we offer treatment packages.
For example, you can do your abdomen and your buttock treatment on the very same day, one after the
other. The treatment packages give you a discount on the

You may wish to come back for further EMSCULPT-NEO treatments on a regular basis to keep the
muscles built up (because they will slowly settle back down if you do nothing!) and it can also be used to
trim down more fat. (Of course, you can also maintain on your own with exercise and watching your diet.) Research has shown that your muscle effects do hold over a long time (up to and even over one year), and the fat that you have lost Is permanent. If you have completed any four-treatment package, you are eligible for one of our reduced-cost maintenance packages.

Prior to your treatments
We recommend that you drink plenty of water the day before and of your treatments. Also, it is easier for you if you wear stretchy workout-type clothes, with no metal, on the day of your treatment.

There are a few things that would disqualify you from treatments, and our office can help you decide if the treatments are right for you. For example, you should not have a hernia in the treatment area, or have metal or electronic implants. For more information, please give us a call.

For those with like-minded friends, you may want to consider doing the abdominal treatments on two people at the same time. This gives you some nice price savings. Periodically, our office will be having other specials, so stay tuned. Our newsletter may be helpful to you, so ask to be put on our list. Special pricing and flash sales are occasionally available by email, Facebook and Instagram.


Disclaimer: *Individual results from procedures cannot be guaranteed, and may vary between patients

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