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Body Procedures

The perfect body takes hard work to achieve, and in some cases, even the most dedicated fitness routine and balanced diet may not be enough to see the results you want.


If you are trying to maintain an ideal beach body, Jupiter Plastic Surgery Center can help you boost your confidence and sculpt your features with a variety of proven procedures, both surgical and non-invasive. As non-surgical body sculpting technologies continue to develop, patients are given a much wider range of potential improvements in any area of the body.

Surgical Care for the Body

Plastic surgery can help you achieve results that simply are not possible through dieting, exercising, and making other lifestyle changes. Through surgical tummy tucks and thigh lifts, you can eliminate excess skin and stubborn fat following significant weight loss or pregnancy*. Breast lift and augmentation procedures can allow you to gain more favorable proportions with youthful perkiness in the breasts. Along with these procedures, liposuction is among the most popular plastic surgeries for the body, as it can permanently get rid of stubborn belly pooches or hard-to-tone love handles.

    • Liposuction  – When liposuction is a more appropriate treatment option, ultrasound assisted liposuction is often used to treat stubborn area more effectively*. Ultrasound energy helps break up the connective tissue surrounding fat cells*, allowing for better results.
    • Breast – Augmentation, Reduction, Lift – While breast augmentation is the most popular breast reshaping procedure, some patients will find favorable results from a simple lift or even a reduction. Lift and reduction procedures reshape and reposition the breasts without adding volume*, though the breasts will often appear more perky and proportional following surgery. Breast augmentation presents a wide range of options with various implant types and incision placements to create the most natural results in both look and feel.
    • Tummy Tuck – Following pregnancy or massive weight loss, you may be left with stubborn belly fat and excess skin hiding your true figure. A tummy tuck will remove excess skin and fat while tightening the underlying muscle tissues to create a toned, slim abdomen*.
    • Arm Lift – You can say goodbye to dreaded “mom arms” through an arm lift procedure, which will use liposuction to eliminate hard-to-tone pockets of fat before trimming away any sagging skin*. You can go sleeveless with confidence after this surgery, which leaves behind minimal scarring.
    • Skin Cancer – If you have new skin lesions, it is best to have them evaluated for possible skin cancer. It is best to remove skin cancer as soon as possible, so that the healing tissues can be minimized.
    • Scar Revision – Many times scars can be improved with various techniques. Reasons to treat scars can include appearance, itching, prolonged redness, thickness, and pigmentation. Treatment of these problems can include surgery, laser treatments, dermabrasion, and even injections therapy and topical treatment at times.
    • Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery – Labiaplasty, female genital surgery, reduces excess tissue. Our patients have been interested in reducing excess tissues in the genital area due to embarrassment, discomfort in clothing, desire for more symmetric appearance, etc.

Non-Surgical Innovations for Body Sculpting

Many patients can see dramatic results in body sculpting without the need to undergo surgery, thanks to a wealth of modern technologies that offer minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime. Here?s a closer look at some of the technologies we have made available to our patients in Jupiter:

        • ThermiTight – From saggy arms to loose necks, there are many problem areas that can develop through the aging process. ThermiTight addresses each of these areas with heat-driven skin tightening that takes place in a single procedure monitored by an infrared camera for optimal safety.

See the latest on Single Procedure Skin Tightening

      • ThermiVa – If you have considered vaginal rejuvenation but you are unsure about surgical treatment, ThermiVa offers a non-surgical solution that can treat internal and external areas of the vagina for greater comfort and confidence. This treatment can improve appearance or even may help stress incontinence*. ?See reviews for this procedure on our testimonials page.
      • Liposonix – While liposuction can be a highly effective solution for eliminating unwanted fat, surgery is not always necessary to achieve results. Liposonix uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells with a specialized wand that is moved over the surface of the skin*. Energy is targeted to fat, resulting in destruction of fat tissue, which is processed by the body and eliminated as waste. Over time, you can see a loss of about one inch from your waistline after a single treatment*.
      • Vein Therapy – Spider veins can be both unsightly and uncomfortable, but you don?t have to live with them. Sclerotherapy can eliminate these veins so that you’ll be ready to show off your legs this summer*. Spider veins seen in the face can be treated effectively as well*, using light-based therapies that won?t damage your skin.
      • Hand Rejuvenation – Even with total body and facial rejuvenation, your hands can give away your age. To minimize wrinkles and veins from the hands for a more youthful look, you might consider Radiesse hand rejuvenation. This procedure is also popular among brides-to-be, since it can ensure that every shot of the wedding ring is worth showing off.

Disclaimer: *Individual results from procedures cannot be guaranteed, and may vary between patients

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