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Q:  What is  EMSCULPT NEO and what can it do for me?

A.  The desire to improve our body contours has been around probably since Adam and Eve ate that apple. There were a lot of crazy devices for improving weight and posture long before we ever had liposuction, most of which did not help much.  Fast forward to today.  We still have liposuction, which is really the gold standard for fat removal and even fat repositioning.  But now are able to also improve muscle strength at the same time as the reduction of body fat.

Enter EMSCULPT NEO.  A special combination of  HIFEM energy plus RF (radiofrequency) energy  improves both muscle strength of, for example, of the abdomen, along with loss of 30% of the fat in the area, resulting in a slimmer waist, better clothing fit, better muscle strength and definition.  THE BEST PART:  It all happens in 4 30-minute in-office painless sessions!  The result is the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in one 30-miniute session.

EMSCULPT NEO  also works wonders on the arms (biceps and triceps), the legs (all four muscle compartments), and the calves.

Many clients have opted to continue to improve their body shape and muscle tone with the purchase of a maintenance package.